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About Us

The very best in culture and creativity is found at intersections and interconnections. Where old meets new, where art meets science, where music meets premium hospitality. Experience a cultural program of true variety, showcasing upcoming talent alongside the well-established in the cultural scene. Where speakers, artists, and musicians from all disciplines and all corners of the globe share their creativity and innovative thinking, inspiring great conversations. Whether it’s a DJ set to accompany an evening with friends, a thought-provoking afternoon with changemakers, or a quiet coffee amongst the kind of art that tells a story, prepare to cross paths with refreshing thinking and explorative creativity.

Everything we do is a matter of heart, body and soul.


A place that activates opportunity

The idea for Coffee + Culture was, of course, sparked in a cafe. As so many wonderful ideas are. Our concept was to curate a space where people can enjoy the best of Dubai’s coffee scene and settle into great conversations in the midst of art, music, and thought-provoking ideas. As young entrepreneurs, we are passionate about these kinds of connections. The ones where you leave feeling enriched and fulfilled. Expo 2020 felt that way too, supporting and encouraging us to be “Born at Expo” — to launch our space of connection at the Opportunity Pavilion. Our blend of culture and coffee encourages opportunities to cross paths with new thinking, rub shoulders with both rising and well-known talent, and experience the amazing product of some of the world’s best coffee makers. A platform for voices of all kinds. A place for connections that feed the soul.